Turkey And Poland Designate Energy Charter Liaison Embassies

İslamabad Büyükelçiliği 23.10.2013

Two new Energy Charter Liaison Embassies (ECLEs) have been established in line with the Charter's expansion and outreach policy. The Embassies of longstanding Energy Charter members have taken on the ECLE role: the Embassy of Turkey in Islamabad, Pakistan, andEmbassy of Poland in Tripoli, Libya. Earlier this year, three more ECLEs were set up: by the Netherlands in Morocco, by Germany in Tunisia and by the Slovak Republic in Montenegro.

The Secretariat is grateful for Turkey's assistance with Pakistan's ongoing preparations for accession to the Energy Charter Treaty, particularly to Amb. Babur Hizlan and designated officer Mrs. Burcu Toksabay in Islamabad for their personal efforts. The Secretariat is also grateful for Poland's role in involving Libya in the Energy Charter Process, notably to Amb. Piotr Ciećwierz and his staff in Tripoli.

Pakistan is a Charter observer and Libya is one of the countries targeted by the Charter's outreach policy. The newly set up liaison embassies will serve the purpose of facilitating the accession of Pakistan and Libya to the Energy Charter Treaty.

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