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Press Release Regarding The General Elections To Be Held On May 11th 2013 İn Pakistan , 08.05.2013

No: 134, 8 May 2013, Press Release Regarding the General Elections to Be Held on May 11th 2013 in Pakistan

We wish for the general elections to be held in May 11, 2013, constituting an additional step towards the democratic progress in friendly and brotherly Pakistan, to be realized in a safe, peaceful and healthy manner. We condemn the recent terrorist attacks perpetrated against a large number of candidates and political parties with the purpose of adversely affecting the elections.

We believe that the general elections in Pakistan will once again reflect the democratic preferences of all segments of the brotherly nation of Pakistan and contribute to overcoming various challenges that are being faced, as in all democratic countries.

We take pride in seeing the importance attached by all parties participating in the general elections in Pakistan to the relations between Turkey and Pakistan, which take their source in the historic friendship and cultural brotherhood between the peoples of the two countries. Turkey will maintain its solidarity with friendly and brotherly Pakistan for the peace and prosperity of this country.