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Press Release Regarding The Statements Of Mr. Kammenos, Minister Of National Defence Of Greece , 23.01.2016

No: 26, 23 January 2016

We regret the statements of Mr. Kammenos, Minister of National Defence of Greece, at a press conference held on 18 January 2016, following his meeting with the Minister of Defence of the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus, who visited Athens.

We condemn his baseless and unethical expressions uttered after the meeting concerning our country and the Cyprus issue.

At a time when a positive atmosphere prevails in Turkish-Greek relations and in Cyprus towards a comprehensive settlement, the improper statements of the Minister of National Defence of Greece at the press conference, give the impression that he is uncomfortable with this positive atmosphere. We strongly reject his ill-considered statements constituting a paradigm of irresponsibility.

We expect the Greek authorities to act with a befitting sense of governmental responsibility and refrain from statements that may damage the atmosphere of collaboration that we are trying to cultivate between our countries.